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Sea Mist to Beer

In 2006 I wrote a little post about the ingenious "cloud catchers" perched on the coastal hills above the Chilean town of Chungungo: Cloud Catcher in Chilean Desert In short, these nets condense the thick mist, locally know as "Camanchaca", as it blows off the Pacific and collect the resulting water, which in turn feeds in to the potable water supply. Since 2006 I have read numerous reports of the same technique being used in different parts of the world.

Published 6th Nov 2017
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Colchagua Valley named one of world’s top wine routes

North American magazine Sherman’s Travel named the Colchagua Valley as the second best overlooked wine destination on earth. Following Alsace in France, Colchagua is singled out for producing "lush, plus-red wines that are broad-shouldered but not too tannic to drink when young.

Published 11th Apr 2017
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