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Chilean Astronomers to search for Exoplanets

The Center for Astro-Engineering at the Catholic University (UC) has been awarded a grant that will allow it to go ahead with its "High Resolution Spectrograph" to search for exoplanets from Chile. The funding will allow the acquisition of a spectrograph for the project which will be run in conjunction with the University of Tokyo.

Published 15th Nov 2017
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Cloud Catcher in the Chilean Desert

Chungungo is a fishing village on the Chilean coast, in most respects it is very similar to the many other small communities, strung out along thousands of miles of Pacific coastline, that depend on small scale fishing for their survival. But Chungungo is the site of an ingenious invention, the "atrapanieblas" or "mist-catcher", that has been copied around the world as a means of obtaining fresh water in areas where there is next to no rain and no ground water.

Published 5th Jan 2006
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