M/V Hondius: The Birth of a Polar Vessel

First Polar Class 6 ship under construction

Published 15th Nov 2017

Construction for m/v Hondius, the latest addition to the Oceanwide fleet and one of the world’s first Polar Class 6 cruise ships, is underway.

Engineers are already hard at work cutting and welding steel plates into flat panel elements that will make up the bottom, decks, and superstructure of the vessel. After this section assembly process, they will install piping systems, propulsion machinery, and the shaft line to the propeller. The finer elements of the vessel will follow, such as outfitting the cabins and public areas. Then it’s only a matter of pushing the boat out of the nest and seeing if it will float – after a series of highly technical safety tests, that is.

Hondius will be the first vessel to be built to class "LR PC6", meeting the latest and highest demands of Lloyd’s Register for "Polar Class 6" vessels, the highest Polar Class notation for ice-strengthened vessels. The vessel will also fully comply with the mandatory requirements of the Polar code, adopted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), for safe ship operation and the protection of the Polar environment.

The projected schedule of the Hondius build is as follows:

  •  Steel order 01-06-2017 (completed)
  •  Steel fabrication 14-08-2017 (in process)
  •  Keel laying 05-12-2017
  •  Main engine installation 10-01-2018
  •  Launch 02-05-2018
  •  Delivery 02-05-2019

Passengers: 176 in 83 cabins
Staff & crew: 72
Length: 107.6 meters
Breadth: 17.6 meters
Draft: 5.30 meters
Ice class: Polar Class 6 (equivalent 1A-Super)
Displacement: 5,590 tonnes
Propulsion: 2 x ABC main engines; total 4,200 kW
Speed: 15 knots

For more information visit the Oceanwide website.

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"M/V Hondius" by Oceanwide Expeditions
"M/V Hondius under construction" by Oceanwide Expeditions
"M/V Hondius under construction" by Oceanwide Expeditions

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