University team discover new butterfly species in Corrientes

Published 11th May 2018

A group of researchers from Argentina's National University of the Northeast (UNNE), conducted a study of diversity of diurnal butterflies in the the Paraje Tres Cerros Private Natural Reserve in Corrientes, creating the first such inventory in the province.

The scientific work provided data on an area in the province never studied before. The researchers recalled that in eight sampling campaigns, carried out between 2016 and 2017, 42 genera and 63 species were identified, some of which could be exclusive to the area.

The 63 species of butterflies found in the Nazarene hill area and its surroundings represent almost 20 percent of the total recorded in the province of Corrientes

the researchers explained, adding that:

eight new records were added. This percentage is important, considering that the samplings were made in a small area of the reserve.

They also noted that some of the butterflies could not be identified and could be new species for science, possibly endemic to the area studied.

Paula Gervazoni, author of the report, said that after the inventory of species in the Paraje Tres Cerros Private Natural Reserve, the goal is to continue the research with a survey of other sites in the province in order to update previous records with the aim of finding new species.

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"Butterfly in Reserva Natural Privada Paraje Tres Cerros" by Diario el Libertador

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